Game made from the Gamejam "Only One" by game Makers Toolkit, 2019.

A Roguelike where all your stats depends on the Value.

Only one stat means your HP pool, damage, velocity, etc. are the same value! But careful! If you get hit you lose value, and you can die if you lost your value.

Buy stuff (if you have enough value), fight enemies, gather valuable things and survive in this endless game. Good luck, and may the value be with you!

Install instructions

If you are playing on Windows, download the zip, uncompress it, run the exe and enjoy ^^

If you want to play on Linux or Mac you can use the WebGL build of the game on your browser. Download, unzip it and run the index.html with your browser (I recomend Mozilla to do it)


Download 36 MB


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Haven't tried it yet, but sounds like a genius idea! Can't wait to try it out :)

We've uploaded the game just now so you can try it out ^^